Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Turned on the computer this morning, and learned that the Airbus A380 would be arriving at LAX at 11:45am. Wow. A couple of phone calls later, my mom and dad were on their way and we watched the plane come in from the Proud Bird parking lot. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up seconds before I started shooting and I wasn't able to get decent settings to deal with the haze, but at least this will document what we saw. It's HUGE! :-)


Semiquaver said...


Found your blogs after reading your comments on SOTW. A great blog and very interesting to read. I remenber my trip to italy in the 1980's it is a fantastic country.

I don't get the aircraft stuff though!

Keep up the good work.

Sax on the Web said...

Hello Leanne,

I, too, found your blog from the SOTW Forum.

I did not know that you are an airliner spotter. A fascinating hobby, I started as a kid and have done it longer than playing the saxophone.

All the best,
- Harri