Friday, February 22, 2008

Pic of the day: Arts in schools

One of the cooler things I get to do as a musician involves playing in elementary schools with the Burbank Community Band. This photo was from this morning's concert (I'm in the back row of the flute section) at a nearby magnet school. The band is an all-volunteer group, and we do this about once every month or two on Friday mornings. It's fun to see how the kids get totally into the music and the instruments--especially the big ones, like the tubas.

With the current budget crisis, the teachers and administrators are especially glad to have us out on campus, as funding for performing arts has all but dried up. Remember to support the arts in YOUR community!



This is awesome...getting the word out and keeping the Arts Alive! Thank you...

Stephanie Haile

Maria Langer said...

Agreed! This is wonderful. The way I see it, every time you show a school kid something other than a book, a blackboard, a computer screen, or an educational video, you're showing him something he's likely to remember -- at least for a while.

I've done two helicopter presentations at local schools. In each case, the entire school comes out to watch me land. I shut down, get out, and do presentations for each grade level, K-8. Not only is it something new and exciting and different for them, but it teaches me a bit more about kids. (I don't have any.) And the way I see it, if one of those kids becomes a helicopter pilot or EMS medic or firefighter, he might save a life. That puts me in the loop and makes me feel like I'm making a difference.

You're doing the same. Who knows? Sitting in one of those audiences might be the next Candy Dulfer.