Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pics of the Day: Campus residents

What do you do for your loyal blog readers when you're posting two days' worth of pictures late? Give them baby animals. Can't miss.

So Thursday after class, I took a stroll down to "Ag Valley" and said hello to some of our newest residents. This little guy was absolutely charming.

Anyone who knows goats knows they like to climb stuff. This tyke was getting his practice by climbing... his mom. He was pretty good at balancing there, too.

The other thing goats like to do is play. These youngsters were jousting at the back of the pen.

It was close to dinnertime when I was out there, and although the goats were curious and friendly, it wasn't surprising that the guy with the chow wagon was WAY more popular with them than I was.

Finally, here's a species I didn't know we had on campus. This pair of llamas had a baby in the stall, and boy... they look just like teddy bears with long necks. Funny and irresistible.

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