Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pic of the day: My axes

Two of them, anyway--these are the alto and the tenor. I was kinda hunting around for something to shoot, and since these are usually close by and since I really like the way saxophones look, here they are. The shot is underexposed, but my strobe aren't working and I haven't had time to get them fixed, dangit.

If you're a sax geek, here's what you're looking at: The one on the right is my Yamaha Custom 875 tenor, which I'm just back to playing more of lately. The horn on the left is my Yamaha 82 Custom "Z" alto, and yes, it's in silver plate. I use a copper Phil Barone neck on that horn, which makes it look a little odd but boy--it sure does play.

1 comment:

Roger R said...

niiice! :) tenor is a Custom Z, gold though, exellent horn